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Status update: Dear white people, it's OK to talk about Ferguson. Isn't it on your mind?

I asked my white Facebook friends why they’ve been so afraid to share their feelings on race. The excuses weren’t good enough.



Go be important | Heather Barmore | TEDxAlbany

I have made a career from being borderline obsessed with the United States Congress. While the rest of America remains apathetic towards congress and politics in general, I remain passionate and unwavering in the necessity for others to participate in the democratic process. How does a young, black woman fall in love with the legislative branch of government and why should we, as citizens, care about Washington, D.C.


Heather Barmore
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Hello and welcome!

I’m Heather, Heather B., or HB (or Heather Lynn if you are my mother).

I like Malbec, dresses with pockets, bourbon, C-SPAN, J.D. Salinger, and electoral politics. I dislike clowns, large crowds, cooked carrots, ice-skating, and the size of my feet. My favorite word is pulchritude. I just like the way it rolls off the tongue.

If you need me you can always
— ALWAYS — find me on Twitter or Facebook or you can email me at Heather@HeatherBarmore.com.