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    Change In Action at Babble Voices


    Sub-par Housekeeping

    "Things do not change; we change."  ~Henry David Thoreau

    1) Charity:Water winner: To those of you who participated in my Camp Mighty fundraising efforts I truly appreciated it. As I have already written but would gladly recap: the weekend was magical and every few minutes I’d exclaim how happy I was. Genuinely. Thoroughly. Truly. The lucky winner was one Mr. Gav Martell. He now gets a choice of $50 iTunes or Amazon gift card. His wife thinks it’s for her. Perhaps he’ll share. Hooray for clean water and I like giving so we’ll do more of that in the coming year.

    2) My whereabouts: When I started this site I was 21 going on 22. I hated being an adult and didn’t know what to do, where to go and who to turn to. I felt alone hence the birth of this site. Fast forward almost 6.5 years later. I am 28 or as my family says “like fucking 30” and I’ve matured. At least enough to know that not every thought that enters my mind needs to be put out for the world to see. Shit happens or I step in it and while the 2005 me would yell at the top of my lungs to all 36 visitors, the 28 year old me takes deep breaths and puts on her boxing gloves to go toe to toe with the bag. I can’t write the way I used to. I’m still honest and me but I am different. Does that make sense? I have learned that to me irreverent is fine but not at the expense of another. I also have realized that telling the stories I have are fine but more in terms of how I was impacted rather than talking just to talk. Are you with me here?

    Shorter: Things have been happening but like hell am I going to write about them.

    Even shorter: LIFE!

    Of course if you follow me on twitter you know that I’m there and ever present. And maybe it’s the 140 characters that has ruined my or all blogging or maybe I no longer feel the need to make what could be a sentence into four paragraphs.

    3) The future: And I bet with that last bit you thought I was going to announce the closing of this little venture. HAAAAAA! But no. I’m here to stay. No Pasa Nada is my baby and I can see in this site exactly where I have done some growing (in the hips mostly. GET IT. GET IT) and where I want and need to go in terms of my writing. In the New Year this site will get a much needed facelift. I’ll be exploring different areas as I learn to stretch myself into what/who I want to be and remember; it’s 2012. Shit will be going down over at Poliogue.

    4) Poliogue: It’s where my passion lies and it’s 2012 and there’s a huge primary going on and I just saw and iPad app that tracks electoral votes and...and...please hold while I fan myself. I’m positively giddy about the potential of what can be done with the site as the field slims down and the general gets underway. Anyone who has read even a smidgen of what I’ve had to say over the years knows that when it comes down to it I am a writer, no doubt, but I’m a writer who will writer her face off about politics. It’s not about right and wrong and rallying it’s about finding the essence of democracy and what drives people to the polls.

    I’m grinning like a fool right now as I think about how to incorporate me into something for over there. You don’t have to enjoy politics but you do have to live with it. And I just want to be there to help get you through it.

    5) So ch-ch-ch-changes! Are you excited? I am. If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns and/or hate my guts and would like for me to fall of the Internet all together let me know. Either in the comments or by email (nopasanadablog@gmail.com) or on Twitter where you can do it in public!

    There will be a few more posts - like literally three - between now and the New Year and after that new! Fun! stuff! Get ready. This is going to be great.
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    Reader Comments (2)

    I just want you to know I miss you. It's been too long.

    Looking forward to lots of discussion over at Poliogue in the New Year!

    December 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJulie Marsh

    Wow...our "updates, news and growing the fuck up" posts are going to be friends- mine goes up on Friday and the moment can't come soon enough. I'll be subscribing to Polilogue in the meantime. Cheers to 2012!

    December 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTo Kiss the Cook

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