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    Third time's a charm: The Life List

    "Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can."  ~Danny Kaye

    I had a sudden whim to redo my Life List or at least look it over to see what it is I really want to actually do before I die. It's inevitable to change one's mind or to rethink the future as one gets older. I don't know...I found it time for a once over, collaborate with myself, move forward, see what I want out of this little life of mine. This will be the third version of this list. What can I say? Things change, people change.*

    1. Finish my book proposal

    2. Write an actual book

    3. Cross-country antiquing trip

    4. Visit all 50 States**

    5. Buy my very own car

    6. Write an article for Vanity Fair

    7. Re-learn to ride a horse

    8. Spa weekend in Arizona

    9. At least make a vague attempt to be organized

    10. Hire a house cleaner for regular cleaning

    11. Ocean kayak down the east coast

    12. Learn to dress myself for my body type.

    13. Visit the White House

    14. Play golf in Dubai

    15. Host a dinner party

    16. Run for office

    17. Learn to sew***

    18. Attend the State of the Union

    19. Design and make a dress

    20. Become a parent

    21. Have a ladies weekend on Martha's Vineyard

    22. Learn to play the guitar

    23. Turn my apartment into a home

    24. Run a 10K

    25. Run a half marathon****

    26. Run a full marathon

    27. Go to the Superbowl

    28. Sundance film festival

    29. Full spa day - facial, massage, mani, pedi*****

    30. Learn to fence

    31. Own property

    32. Attend a football game in every stadium in the country

    33. Speak at SXSW******

    34. Learn to snowboard

    35. Visit Canada more often

    36. Tour New York State

    37. Write more about politics

    38. Tour southeast Asia

    39. Capetown and Johannesburg, South Africa

    40. Carnivale in Rio

    41. Mardi Gras in New Orleans

    42. Have high tea in London

    43. Become a licensed pilot

    44. Attend a session of parliament in London

    45. Be my own boss

    46. Be a more vocal proponent of women in politics

    47. Learn to make sushi

    48. Dublin with Chris and Susan

    49. Visit Brussels - home of the EU

    50. Make a holiday meal with all of the fixin's

    51. Another weekend in Paris

    52. Live abroad for a year

    53. Be debt free

    54. Read Pride and Prejudice

    55. Attend Wimbledon

    56. Have an actual week long staycation

    57. Wear real red lipstick

    58. See the pyramids

    59. Fall in love again

    60. Visit Tel Aviv

    61. Write a book about my father's life growing up in the south during the Civil Rights Movement

    62. Make the perfect key lime pie

    63. Throw a huge 30th birthday bash

    64. Understand bipolar disorder

    65. Become certified in SCUBA diving

    66. Read the 100 Best Novels according to Modern Library

    67. Make my bed everyday

    68. Take individual portraits of my family

    69. Take a photo a day for 100 days

    70. Be a tourist in Washington, DC.

    71. See the 100 Greatest Movies of all time according to AFI

    72. A yearly trip to Europe

    73. Wine tasting in the Finger Lakes

    74. Be a talking head on CNN or MSNBC

    75. Once I become a parent, take said child or children to Disneyworld

    76. Take a trip with Peg to Prague, Vienna and Amsterdam

    77. Throw someone a surprise party

    78. Be the subject of a Buodoir photophoot

    79. Hug Idris Elba

    80. Make a pie crust from scratch

    81. Learn to hem a pair of pants

    82. A bra fitting every year

    83. Plan a romantic weekend getaway

    84. Adopt a dog

    85. Attend New York Fashion Week and Fashion's Night Out

    86. A beach trip in Cantabria

    87. Run a political/social good boot camp for women

    88. Provide a scholarship for a young woman majoring in political science

    89. Take my child(ren) to enjoy the holiday lights in NYC

    90. Interview Diane Ravitch for Poliogue

    91. Ice Skate at Rockefeller Center

    92. Give a TED talk

    93. Get styled by a professional stylist

    94. Take a real - turn off the phone - vacation every year

    95. Observe the Supreme Court

    96. Have a garden

    97. Visit Central High School in Little Rock

    98. Go to the Olympics

    99. Learn to change a tire

    100. Get my skin under control


    *I was also inspired by Eden's post where she mentioned her list for 2012.

    **States left to experience: Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming
    ***As in purchase a sewing machine. See also; guess who's been watching way too much Project Runway??
    ****You can read about that travesty here
    *****I got this idea from Allison Czarnecki. Best idea ever.
    ******Hey! You can vote for me to speak in 2012 right here. So handy.
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    I'm in Alaska.... come on up :)

    August 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKirsten

    [...] use me as an example of what not to do. The point of the exercise is to say what you want from your Life List out loud and hopefully others will hold you accountable. For me, the purpose was that if I say [...]

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