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    Courtesy of Missoni Day

    "But I had one last-ditch strategy: I approached the lady whose cart was the fullest and very, very urgently asked her if she would be willing -- maybe, please? -- to sacrifice two of the several black and white Famiglia Wavy hand towels that I could see right there on top of her cart full of stuff. She looked at me as if I had requested a kidney..." - DG Strong Salon.com

    I get it: You either really enjoyed Missoni Day  - as that is all it turned out to be - at Target or you wanted to burn down the closest store and all of the chevrony/Cosby-esque goodness. I, personally, was quite taken by the frenzy and how the frenzy barely reached the edges of Upstate New York. When I mentioned to a colleague that I would be taking an early lunch because it's Missoni Day! She was all "what's a Missoni?" and then I wept for humanity. It reminds me of an aquaintance who was set on getting some luxury item while in we were in Vegas. We ended up wandering around the shops at the Bellagio for a bit and happened upon Hermes.

    "OOH!" she exclaimed, "A her-mees (yes, that's exactly how she mispronounced it)! We must stop in!" And then I died a little on the inside. Though I can't afford a perfectly plush silk scarf at least I can pronounce that shit.

    But I digress: Missoni Day. I got to the Target across the street from my office and the place was empty save for the normal moms with babes. I shrugged and perused the collection. I knew it was a sign from God when the display shoes of the ballet flats were a size 11. So I purchased those.

    Cute, right?

    I also bought a set of nesting bowls that are going to look phenomenal on the wood table I just purchased for my kitchen. They're also going to be perfect as it is almost apple picking time. Can you imagine that big bowl full of red delicious apples? I cannot wait.

    There were also a pair of socks and a long open cardigan that I thought would be perfectly cozy but turned out to accentuate the size of my ass. So, that went back.

    In the end was it fun? Yes. It gave a sense of thrill to an otherwise boring Tuesday and given that a normal run to Target involves Neutrogena and maybe new athletic socks if I'm lucky, it was a bit of excitement. Was it worth the absolute hysteria and frenzy and OHMYGOD I WILL SHANK YOU IF MY TOUCH MY FABULOUS INFINITY SCARF? Uh, no.

    Semi-related: Here my friend Holly reenacts Missoni Day 2011. She's a funny one.
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    Reader Comments (4)

    Sometimes there are benefits to living away from the big bad city. Sigh. I'd imagine Target Brooklyn was pretty much a hotbed of crazy.

    You win.

    September 19, 2011 | Unregistered Commentermom101

    I didn't even realize it was a big deal until it was already over. But, damn, those are some seriously cute shoes! If you get tired of them, I wear an 11 too.

    September 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMomo Fali

    I insist on pronouncing Hermes like that because 1) It makes me laugh and 2) They totally deserve it for foising mostly ugly overpriced crap on people. I am a reverse designer snob - if I see someone wearing an item that has a designer logo on it, I mentally yell "GET YOUR OWN PERSONALITY" in my head. Because we've gone from a designer representing a certain level of quality to a designer representing "I want to show off that I have money to throw out the window SEE THE LOGO RIGHT HERE PLEASE TO NOTICE."

    The Missoni thing reminds me of that Portlandia video "Put a bird on it" except theirs is "Put zigzags on it."

    September 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSuebob

    Those flats are darling. Everything black in your closet thanks you. See also: navy. And yellow.

    October 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJet Harrington

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