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    What I Wore: Altitude Design Summit

    "Although a life-long fashion dropout, I have absorbed enough by reading Harper's Bazaar while waiting at the dentist's to have grasped that the purpose of fashion is to make A Statement.  My own modest Statement, discerned by true cognoscenti, is, 'Woman Who Wears Clothes So She Won't Be Naked.'"  ~Molly Ivins

    Should you decide to attend a conference of primarily design, fashion and style bloggers, it would behoove you to dress the part. You don't have to go as far as the top knot, stripy shirt, red lipstick, statement necklace and vintage Buddy Holly glasses but, you know, pretend. Or at least I did. Though looking back at some of my outfits it was more like Trryyyyyyyying! Whoops! Too hard! Go back!

    A few weeks before the conference I paired a plain black dress with purple tights, stacked black patent leather heels and a chain link statement necklace. I didn't think it was terribly exciting as I spent the day scrolling through Alts of years past and I knew what I would be up against in the fashion department. But, I shit you not, people were mesmerized by the purple tights. Like they'd never seen a 64 box of crayons or something. Then there was the day that I wore a muted orange a-line corduroy skirt, Frye boots, and an olive green 3/4 sleeve v-neck and Former Roommate said - and I quote - "So…you just decided that that…goes together?" I spent the rest of that day staring in the mirror in the ladies' room thinking that I might be color blind.

    For the record it isn't me - I mean, it probably is me in that I often can't dress myself and then I'll call Susan in a panic and she's like "I've got two kids and a husband and a fucking job. Get out of here with that shit." Except it's Susan so she doesn't say 'shit'. Regardless it can be touch and go but sometimes I show up to the office wear pops of color and you'd think I just walked in with vomit on my clothes. No. IT'S JUST PINK, y'all. Keep it moving. The thing is that ti's fun and I enjoy wearing adorable brooches on visits to legislators while everyone wears black. At least they'll remember me.

    So here's what I wore to ALT. Full disclosure there's no photo of the last day because I was too busy trying to keep snow from falling down my butt crack each time I bent down to buckle the strap on my snowboard. If you really want to know I wore a Columbia Jacket (you guys! the fleece part comes out and then there's a separate shell and the hood comes off and it's straight up mind-boggling) and REI snow pants that didn't fit properly but what are ya gonna do? Every other day went something like this:

    Wednesday Evening

    Activity: Dinner with Deb and Laurie at a tapas bar. You know how first night of conferences are: everyone is pretty drunk on liquor and excitement so who cares what you were wearing just that you were huggable. (I'm looking at you Megan Reardon)

    Top: Target. I saw it on Brittany first and then found it at the Target in Brooklyn which is a whole 'nother story and oh my hell. Don't ever do it.
    Pants: Super Flares from the GAP
    Wine glass: Grand America hotel. There's a Beaujolais in there if you must know.
    Nails: Done at the Grand America Spa. The color was called 'Be Happy'. A perfect occasion if ever there was one.

    Thursday Day

    Activity: Conference stuff. People will see you in the daylight. Be prepared.

    Jacket: Forever 21
    Tunic: Forever 21
    Jeans: GAP jeggings
    Shoes (unseen): Gold pointy flats.

    Thursday Evening

    Activity: Dinner En Blanc. Have you ever tried to find white clothing in January? It was far more difficult than I expected but when it all came together in that ballroom it was magical. Quick story: As Holly and I approached the room the first thing out of her mouth was "Wow! There's a lot of white people in here!" and I promptly died because it was Utah and there were a lot of white people and so she is very observant that one.

    Top: GAP
    Skirt: GAP. A flouncy, gold skirt with pockets. I die.
    Headband: Forever 21 (you can't see that it's cream and gold weaved together but it is)
    Pearls: Mikimoto
    Giant fluffy pin: Shop Bando (I love, love, love that place)
    Cobalt blue clutch: ASOS

    Friday Day

    Activity: Conferencing and Karen would be taking my photo so I just needed my top half to look OK. And it worked! Though I was conflicted about this outfit; it felt like too much but I was super comfy but I was totally trying, possibly over trying.

    Top: GAP
    Necklace: Anthropologie
    Skirt: GAP. Again with the pockets.
    Belt: Forever 21. I have no shame.
    Tights: GAP
    Boots: Bandolino via Endless

    Friday Evening

    Activity: Parties! Lots of parties! And I take notes of how different conferences do things in the event that I ever plan a conference. They were these adorable sponsored suite parties so you went from suite to suite - each with a different theme - chatted away and then went onto the next one. The Girls With Glasses whom I had not heard of until this conference did a full on French theme. Y'all, there was gelato AND and excessive amount of cheese and I was so happy. So. So happy. So much brie.

    Dress: Forever 21

    I know it's a terrible photo but it was just a black belted dress with pockets. I wore blue suede wedges because I needed to be tall but comfortable. And if all else fails: Wear red lipstick. No one will really care what you're wearing because they'll be far too mesmerized by your luscious lips. It's true. Try it.
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    Reader Comments (4)

    I LOVE your Friday Day outfit, seriously. If you're "trying" in that outfit, it sure isn't coming across! Also, I've seen that F21 black and white jacket before and I need it in my life. Thank you for the reminder.

    February 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterChristine

    So pretty!

    February 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlex

    I love Friday's day outfit. Love that skirt with those tights and boots.

    February 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterA Thirty Something

    I love your Wednesday Evening outfit,seriously. It's so pretty.

    March 20, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjutta

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