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    See a Bully, Stop a Bully


    The problem with bullying is that it doesn’t end when grade school is over. Bullying is far more pervasive than we give it credit for and so we sometimes ignore certain tactics as we grow older. “Oh, that’s just how Jim is” will be the excuse. Sometimes it’s a boss or a colleague and that same fear that prevented us from coming out as being bullied as children is right there again. No one wants to be the tattle tale. But who wants to be continually put down and told that they’re stupid, insignificant or how little they matter? I don’t and yet I have fallen prey to being the person who doesn’t want to say anything for fear of stirring up more trouble. Just move on and apologize. Ignore it. Keep your head down. These are things that I tell myself knowing full well that it’s not right but, perhaps, a bit easier. Maybe the bully will move onto a different target if I just play dead.

    Though bullying has been discussed lately thanks to the eponymous movie. Bullying that is happening in our schools to our children. As they do what I’ve always done which is to lay low. Hoping upon hope that it just blows over. Last week I wrote over at MamaPop about a different form of bullying The kind that so many of us watch and laugh at because it’s bullying for entertainment. Which makes it Ok in the eyes of so many but to me? It reinforces the point that it never ends. The bullies grow up to be bigger and stronger and, in some cases, more powerful. It’s continuous and if no one says anything then it is bound to continue. I, for one, would like for it to stop. How about you?


    *'Bully' band courtesy of the American Federation of Teachers

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    Reader Comments (3)

    "Maybe the bully will move onto a different target if I just play dead."

    I for one have tried this tactic. And it doesn't work - especially on the internet, where they can just make stuff up if don't give them anything concrete of substance. Games you can't win.

    And yes, please, let's make it stop. Dammit.

    May 21, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersweetney

    Oh, hey! Remember me? *dusts off Fan Club President button*

    I just experienced this yesterday at a dance recital (of all things) for a bunch of little kids, which was held at my former high school. Over 20 years later and I was running into women in the hallways who acted like they were still in the 10th grade. Bullying is even worse as an adult, because for crap's sake, shouldn't we know better?

    May 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMomo Fali

    I was verbally bullied as a child and it made me want to exert control over others. I never told anyone as I just thought it was a fact of life. I will try to ensure my child is not different, just fits in, nothing too quirky and is funny. Funny is good, saved me many times. It's the easiest way.

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