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    Change In Action at Babble Voices


    Number Five

    The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb

    Because I apparently enjoy things that involve the number five, this is an ode/shout out* to things with the number 5. Too bad there are only two on this list, but if you think of three more…Holla!

    Take 5s:

    Milton Hershey, oh brilliant man that he was, sent some guidance from up above to his wonderful chocolate factory. And what did appear? The holy mixture that is chocolate, peanuts, caramel, pretzels, and peanut butter.
    "HERSHEY'S TAKE 5 provides a unique taste experience by combining five favorite ingredients in one candy bar. The result is a delicious salty sweet snack unlike anything else" So says the Hershey's website, but it's true. It's a decadent mixture of sweet and salty that will leave you wanting more.

    I first tasted this delicious treat at Chocolate World in June. It was my first visit to chocolate world. Kimber took me on the ride through the history of Hershey's, at the end there was a Take 5. At first I was skeptical, but who doesn't eat free chocolate. Oh My God. Damn good. It even comes in the (gag) white chocolate form.

    The best part? It comes with two in a pack, much like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. There's no commitment. You can have one, you can have two. It's your prerogative.

    Try it and love it.

    Five Guys:

    I write this is a sit at my desk, smelling of Cajun fries. Oh glorious and delicious Cajun fries. Get a regular size, because they'll give you enough to fill up the cup o'fries twice, if not more. But it's not just the fries. I hear the burgers are delicious. They look like they might be tasty and my God, they're huge. A little burger is one patty and a regular "famous burger" is two patties. You can get the works on your burger for free. I mean the works: sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, bbq sauce, lettuce, jalapeno peppers, regular onions, pickles, and of course the ketchup and mustard. Being the pescitarian that I am, I go for the grilled cheese (with mushrooms). Grilled to perfection. The bread is golden brown and sometimes a little grease is a good thing.

    My first trip to five guys was last fall and today was my second foray. Why I don't go more often is beyond me. There are locations in Georgetown, Chinatown, Navy Yard, Howard, and the shops at National Place . <> There's a Five Guys in NISKAYUNA, which means that the next time I'm in Albany, I'm taking my friends and family to Five Guys, because it's cheap too (hello…Washingtonian Cheap Eats).

    Again. Try it and love it. Run don't walk suckers (ooh and speedy service too).

    And there you have it, my shout outs to things with the Number 5. Suddenly I feel like I should be making an appearance on Sesame Street "Today's letters are H and B. Today's number is Five"

    *I'm secretly willing the product endorsement Gods to get me free Take 5's and Five Guys, since I've now given both a proper shout out. And for the record this is like 40 th time that I've mentioned Take 5's. I'm just sayin'.


    Subtitled: My Second Drunk Post

    • Why am I drunk at 11:59 PM?
    • Why does IndeBleu make delicious drinks?
    • Why do I make friends with people that work at IndeBleu?
    • Why do I drink so any Ceaser's Melons?
    • Why do I quote Ceaser when I'm drunk?
    • Why is there track work between Judiciary Square and Rhode Island Avenue?
    • Why does it take so fucking long to get home from Foggy Bottom?
    • Why don't I take cabs? (wait easy answer to that one, because cabs in DC are retarted)
    • Why do I have to babysit tomorrow night?
    • Why am I drunk again?
    • Why am I infatuated with my best friend?
    • Why am I infatuated with my roommate? (wait, see IndeBleu)
    • Why am I soaking wet right now?
    • Why is there a Tammy?
    • Hell, why is there a Katrina and Rita for that matter?
    • Why are my Stuart Weitzman ballet flats soaking wet?
    • Why does it seem like the McDonalds in union station is the slowest place ever?
    • Why does George Steinbrenner pay so much for pitchers who can't pitch?
    • Why am I covered in mosquito bites?
    • Why are my mother and brother in Martha's Vineyard right now?
    • Why am I drunk? again?

    It's Complicated

    "Today, if you are not confused, you are just not thinking clearly."-U. Peter

    Selective hearing has always been a problem. I could hear something 45 times and still ask you what you've just said. Unless you spell it out for me and walk me through it, I just won't comprehend it. Math and Spanish were the worst. I never paid attention and when I tried and finally was able to understand something, by taking copious notes, suddenly things change and not only do you have to find the value of X, but now you must find the value of X and Y. And my personal favorite, find the subjunctive form of the verb "Haber" never mind that I can't even use it in a present tense. But alas there is a God, and if I am forced to use something, I can master it; which explains my Spanish fluency and that I can find the degree of an angle with the Pythagorean Theorem.

    After multiple (I don't know how better to emphasize the number of times this occurred) times of getting C's in both Spanish and Math, you would think that I would learn to listen better and to take better notes and just pay attention. Oh, but no. Just No. I could never sit and pay attention and not contemplate how great that shirt at Anthropologie would be with the new pants from Gap or not contemplate where to go grocery shopping this weekend (Trader Joe's or Wegman's). In a meeting- a fast paced (if you're not paying attention your boss will be stuck in east bumble fuck Montana for eight years) meeting, I should pay attention and look out for these things, but I don't. Instead I ask the person next to me (thank God for her) what I've just missed. Ahhhhh just like college.

    I've made things complicated for myself. Not paying attention, begets, not knowing what is going on, which begets Heather B. walking around confused half the damn time. I'm sitting here now looking at 14 different pieces of paper, attempting to piece together what exactly will be going on for the next few weeks, I'm stumped. This is complicated shit, when perhaps it shouldn't be. As in, if I had paid attention to the changes when they happened the first time (and the 48 subsequent changes-keep up!) I would know just what's going on. It was fine for awhile, I had been proactive and figured things out, but then they changed on me and I just can't keep up. I've made it complicated for myself once again. And what I really need to do is sit down with someone and just ask. Such a simple, thing, but then we get into a "But I don't want to ask because I don't want to look dumb". When in reality, I should just ask because if you don't ever ask*, you never will know.

    A vicious cycle you see. But you know, it's just complicated.

    *For the record I admitted my ineptness and confusion. Things changed and there are wonderful people in the world that will sit down with me so that I'm not confused anymore. Maybe it's not that complicated.