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    Who's Ready For Fall?

    "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."  ~Albert Camus

    The departure of summer comes as quickly as the season began. Wasn't it just last week when the east coast suffered through a two week heat wave followed by 15 days of humidity and thunderstorms? In fact, I distinctly remember walking outside one day and telling myself that I should appreciate that it's just rain because it could be snow. Then again, with snow there's at least the option of staying home. When it rains you're expected to show up even though the rain and humidity caused your hair to grow larger. In the walk from my car to my office, I have a family of birds living in there. At least they're cozy.

    Now it's fall. And while I lament on the loss of summer I still love fall. LOVE. It's the leaves on the trees, the crisp weather, the crisp apples and the apple crisp. I like pumpkin spice and hot cider and how magnificent Upstate NY looks at it's peak. I want to curl up in a giant sweater and inhale cinnamon.

    The change in seasons has inspired this outfit for apple picking. Or at least for pretending that I look really cute while apple picking even though I only go in jeans and an old t-shirt. Like I'm going to wear a cardigan that cost more than $20 while wandering around a field. Though I think those boots would be excellent for climbing a tree to get that perfect Gala apple. I'm already thinking dresses and fall frocks and making decisions on ankle booties. Even though I'm in flip flops right now, I'm thinking tights and layers. Bring it.

    The Epitome of Fall: Apple Picking


    BB Dakota cardigan / Old Navy v neck tee / Lucky brand / Lucky Brand bike booties / Topshop vintage purse / Lucky Brand necklace / Christian Dior nail polish



    The One About my Father

    This post is sponsored by Wells Fargo. As always, thank you for reading our blog and supporting our sponsors.


    "If you don't know your history you will be doomed to repeat it"

    Me & El Padre

    While I might look like my mother there is much of my father in me. While she provided the facial features and the ability to turn a phrase, he provided a sense of humor, a love for bourbon and an intensity that can be used for good or bad. From him I received a bit of a temper but a good golf game. From him I learned to stand up for myself and a passion for football.


    When I was approached to tell a story about my family’s history my father was the first person I thought of. A man who currently lives in a tiny town in Upstate NY by way of Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve always found him fascinating because he finds nothing in his life to be spectacular so I have spent years trying to pry bits and pieces from him. Whereas I will tell the story, he’ll keep it to himself waiting for the right moment to share.

    As part of the Untold Stories project with the Kinsey Collection I pried and pulled and got him to tell some of his story. In the video you’ll see why he only recently has become determined to share his life story. But behind the scenes, on his living room couch, he tells me that I should write more. I ask if I can write about him. He shrugs and agrees. So, hopefully, this is simply the beginning.


    Caption This

    I simply called this Fat Baby in a Basket but my friend Lisa said that a photo this spectacular deserves a caption contest. Winner gets my undying love and affection because it's Friday and it's fun. So go forth and get your caption (and funny) on:


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