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    Change In Action at Babble Voices


    This (mostly) Has Nothing To Do With Poliitcs

    I was going to surprise you but I can hardly hold it in so I'll just tell you and you'll still be surprised when it actually happens but for now just smile with me: This site is getting a makeover.


    I decided to go for it because while all I really need is a place to house my words and faux-punditry, it should also look pretty. Let's face it; this is not your typical political blog and I think that things should look nice and be (SPOILER ALERT!) colorful even when delving into the appropriations process. So within the next few weeks you will see the change and it will be fun and enticing and it will totally keep you from drooling all over your keyboard while I discuss the GOP contenders for the umpteenth time.

    The second thing I wanted to mention is a thank you to all of you who took the Poliogue Poll that wasn't really a poll but a survey but I like the alliteration. What has been most important to me since deciding to start this site has been how to talk to people about politics in the following ways a) Without talking down to them; b) Fostering discussion; c) Finding out what issues people are really thinking about because Lord knows y'all don't spend your free time contemplating earmarks; and d) Getting people to acknowledge current events and the electoral process without being all inside baseball. According to pretty much all of you (your checks are in the mail) I've been finding that balance very well thus far which is good to hear. Others have requested a primer of sorts and a continued focus on real issues while still doing the whole 'Inside the Beltway' thing. Your wish is my command.

    Starting tomorrow and every Friday I'll pick a topic (and of course you are more than welcome to suggest something) and do a brief explanation of what it is and why it is (or isn't) a big deal. Tomorrow we'll start with EARMARKS!

    *pops confetti*

    I know. Try to contain your excitement.
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