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    What's In A Hug?

    Look at how he's hugging that nice old lady. What could it mean?

    There’s an episode of Arrested Development where patriarch George Bluth is explaining to his son, Michael Bluth, that he has been set up by the British. He’s a “patsy” he says and he’s worried that a photo of him shaking hands with Saddam Hussein will ruin him. Michael says, “Not in every occasion” as a photo of then Special Envoy to the Middle East, Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein, flashes across the screen. The joke being that Donald Rumsfeld once took the hand of Hussein and continued to have a long and successful career.

    I was reminded of this episode and the joke after a social media freak-out of sorts between the Brietbart Empire and Liberals. All of ‘em. Even if you're at home minding your own business, they’re after you. Andrew’s final project was to start vetting the President’s past (#Vettheprez on Twitter) as the “leftist” main stream media were too busy sitting in the administration’s pocket causing journalists to fail at their job of giving all of the facts. First Team Breitbart posted what came down to President Obama seeing a play about a radical community organizer. The second part of the series would be the earth-shattering and formerly hidden videos of Barack Obama the student at Harvard University. Long story short; parts of the video were leaked by BuzzFeed and a moment left out. Conservatives jumped all over reporter Ben Smith for his selective editing as once again the media was hiding something treacherous about our Commander in Chief. What was left out? A hug. A student hugging his professor. But you guys! You don't get it! This film from 1991 shows President Obama hugging someone from the "radical left" and we should all be rendering our garments and storming the White House because the President might hug someone else!

    Rolls eyes.

    Oh my God. I am so bored. Like, I fell asleep while writing this. I’m betting that as a reader you’re bored too and thinking, "That’s nice. Barack Obama hugged someone and then saw a play". But for Team Breitbart it's a gotcha moment and a reason for why the title of President should be stripped away from Barack Obama. If I find myself scratching my head and scrunching up my face in confusion as to why we’re supposed to be up in arms about what someone did in college, then I cannot imagine what Joe Smith watching this play out on the news or Twitter thinks. I’m assuming something along the lines of, “This? Really?” or as Piers Morgan said best, “WHAT ABOUT JOBS?!”

    It's Politics 101 that what moves people to civic engagement is something personal or a connection to an issue. To drive average citizens to policy discussions, said policy has to have some sort of direct impact on their lives or families. While I can appreciate Team Breitbart wanting to carry on Andrew’s legacy in his quest to hold the press accountable, the way they have gone about keeping the flame lit under Conservatives comes with a heaping spoonful of hysteria. The public are left saying “Huh?”. The more I watch the more I notice that there is nothing personal behind what they do. At least not personal in that they are trying to do something for the citizens of this country. Unless of course 'doing something' involves asinine scare tactics and having people wonder when they will get to the point. Right now they have a man who at worse had 'radical' views in college and it is something that has already been acknowledged by the man himself. So what?

    A lesson to Conservatives: No one cares about the President hugging someone. No one is going to take the effort to Google President Obama’s former professor unless that former professor will help pay their mortgage, lower gas prices, lessen the price of health care, find cheaper child care or find any hardworking individual a job. Really. Unless the aim was to get the ultra-right fired up well then good job. They can toss about their Birther theories. Focus on real things. Real problems that real people have. But if you want to show just how out of touch the right continues to be then I applaud you. I cannot wait for Part III.

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    Reader Comments (1)

    There aren't enough pixels to record all the stupid things I did or said while I was in college. I agree with you - if they want to connect with the voters, they need to produce actionable information on things of importance to our lives.

    March 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSuebob

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