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    Photo by Pete Souza via Whitehouse.gov

    I cannot be the only person who has a difficult time keeping up with things in this 24/7 world of ours. I find myself starring things to read later only to go back the following week and things have up and changed. This also means that while I have a running commentary in my head, I don't necessarily have the hours to devote to getting all of my thoughs out on paper. But I'm really, really going to try. I decided earlier this week that I would do a once a week round up of things that made me stop and think. Fingers crossed that this gets me back into the groove. Happy reading!

    10 Women to Watch during the 2012 cycle

    Eric Holder warns of a 'constitutional crisis'

    Paul Krugman on how Liberals and Conservatives differ

    Melissa Harris-Perry discusses the LDS faith with LDS panelists via Mediaite

    Thursday was all about the word 'vagina' via Angry Black Lady

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