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    Resist Apathy 

    Apathy (noun): 1: lack of feeling or emotion 2: lack of interest or concern. See also; indifference

    I’m often told how passionate I am about politics. And it’s true. I am. Sometimes to the point where it’s annoying and no one wants to spend their evenings discussing the failures of congress and sometimes it’s charming. It’s well meaning and not meant to harass the listener. It’s also a hope of mine that my passion outweighs the apathy of another. Honestly, I understand. It’s hard to feel engaged in the political process with a constant back and forth and watching adults speak over one another. Politics can be noisy and to filter out the truth from the bullshit is a full time job that requires a gas mask. In fact, I feel for those who try to pay attention and care but cannot because there’s way too much going on.

    Then there are those who say, “Oh...I’m not political”, with a head shake and a shrug. The same people who send their children off to public school, drive on roads, go to the doctor, breathe clean air. Politics is staring us in the face each and every day and we need to (wo)man up and face it. More importantly if there are things in this country that make us unhappy what are we going to do about it?

    Don’t look over there at your neighbor. Don’t point across the room. What have YOU as a citizen of this country done to participate? I keep coming across people who are upset over the state of things or have found themselves shrugging their shoulders after the win of President Obama in 2008. People who live on the assumption that once a vote is cast and a candidate has won then it’s all over. As if there is no work left to be done.

    If you aren’t angry; you aren’t paying attention. If you are angry but think that the root of your ire is the President of the United States, then you are mistaken. Have you expressed your concerns to your representatives? Have you attended a town hall meeting? Have you called your mayor/Governor/Senator? Or have you cast one vote in November of 2008 and then sat back on your laurels hoping that Barack Obama would take it from there? If that’s you then I hate to break it to you but that’s not how democracy works. Democracy thrives on the participation of all individuals in the republic. Which means that we all hold some responsibility as to the direction of a country. We ALL need to do our part and right now I’m watching folks shrug their shoulders and not want to put up a fight. That fire of 2008 has been extinguished in so many. I want to see it lit again.

    Yesterday my friend Torrie introduced me to 90 Days, 90 Reasons, an initiative to remind people why they voted for President Obama in the first place, why - despite some setbacks - voting for him will not be voting against our best interests, and why we cannot be complacent. We’re never going to have another moment like 2008 but we need to remember how we got there, what we wanted and to finish the job that was started.

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