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    Change In Action at Babble Voices


    A Post About Not Posting About Blackface

    On Sunday evening I was raring to go with a typical Ranty McAngryson post on the insensitivities of white people going in blackface for Halloween. While others find it funny or a joke or not-racist because they have black friends I was struck with how brazen so many have been about being so incredibly ignorant. If you follow me on twitter or Facebook especially, you will have noted multiple occasions within a 48 hour period where I grew increasingly frustrated with the presence of white folks going black for fun. That is until yesterday (or perhaps it was Tuesday?) when a white male told me that I didn’t have reason to be upset over those using the color of my skin as a prop. To which I wanted to respond with a clever GIF which will forever be my response whenever someone tells me when and how I should be offended:


    After a few more reactions, a few more posts and a few more deep sighs I came to the realization - with the help of several friends - that this isn’t worth my time. My annoyance does not faze those who are misappropriating my race. A friend once told me not to allow others to live in my head rent free and that is exactly what I was allowing these morons to do. Not only that but did it really matter if I expressed to them why painting their faces black might not be the most effective way to go about creating a Halloween costume? Did I want to spend hours explaining the history of blackface and minstrel shows? Not really. Lest you think it’s because I don’t care it isn’t: It’s because people who are so inconsiderate and thoughtless as to think that being black is for entertainment value only do not want to hear what I have to say about the day in and day out of being a black person - better yet a black female. It isn’t about my inability to care as their inability to care and my ability to put my energy elsewhere.


    Besides, dozens of other and better writers have already been there done that and expressed the cruelty of going as another race for a holiday.  So, read and take heed and I’m really not looking forward to going through this again next year.




    A History of Blackface Just in Time For Halloween


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    When Black People Dress Up as White People for Halloween


    This Man Wore Blackface and Went as Trayvon Martin for Halloween


    Halloween and Blackface: Same Story Different Year


    Shutdown: Day 8

    Congress is all...


    The American people are all...


    I'm all...


    Vanilla Ice is all...


    Any questions?

    (Gifs via RealityTVGifs / Vanilla Ice via Charlie Capen)



    Shutdown 101

    This morning I overheard the following:


    Guy 1: I don’t even know how we’re still open..

    Guy 2: *looks at Guy 1 quizzically*

    Guy 1: I mean, with the government shutdown and everything. I didn’t even know if the stoplights would be working…


    Let me put one thing to rest quickly which is that your stoplights will not stop working. Not only is their operation considered essential but states have already enacted their budgets. So, everything in your neighborhood is pretty much the same. Unless of course you live in the District of Columbia in which case, I AM SO, SO SORRY. I cannot provide money or a vote in Congress but I can provide a hug.



    People have asked for my “professional opinion” on a shutdown. I really have none. I mean it’s absurd and shutting down the federal government based on a law that has gone from Congress to the White House and then to the Supreme Court, is dangerous. It also sets a precedent that if things don’t go your way you’re going to take your ball and go home. I LOVE Congress and I think it's great honor to work with them daily, it's a dream come true but even I am less than pleased. Pissed, actually.

    Cover of the Daily News


    Now to answer a few crucial questions:

    1. . Who are the players? President Barack Obama (D), the Speaker of the House John Boehner R- Ohio), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky)


    There’s also a supporting cast of Democrats and Republicans in both the House and Senate who chair or second in charge of the various committees that have jurisdiction over the budget process.

    2. How did this happen? I’m going to give the most succinct answer possible without going into the failure of the Super Committee.


    On midnight of October 1 the fiscal year for 2014 year began and there was no budget place to fund the federal government for the next year. There is no budget because the House and Senate need to conference to discuss their differences in how to fund the government and that has yet to happen. When this happens the House and Senate will pass a non-partisan continuing resolution (CR) which will fund the government for a few weeks to a few months until there is an agreement in place. Normally this is a fairly easy process, in fact the federal government has been running on a continuing resolution for about two years now. The continuing resolution HAS to pass or the government will shut down because there is no money to run the various agencies. The House leadership, who have been long unhappy with President Obama’s health care law (Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act or ACA), decided to use this opportunity to add defunding of the health care law into the continuing resolution. All budget issues must originate in the House and then go to the Senate for approval. Usually, nothing is added to a continuing resolution because it’s simply continuing the budget at its current appropriation levels but the House leadership REALLY hates the Affordable Care Act and since the individual mandate would begin on October 1st they figured that this would be their last chance.


    Senator Reid has said that he would not accept any continuing resolution that added in the defunding of the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as a “clean CR”) and the president has, of course, said that he would not sign such a bill into law. The House and Senate went back and forth on what to include in the CR but the clock ran out before any compromise was made. So, the government was shut down.


    3. But wait, I thought a health care law had already passed? It passed in February of 2010 and was signed into law in March. That is 3 ½ years ago but some Republicans hate it for a number of reasons. Companies and states who did not want to implement certain parts of the law even appealed it in federal courts all the way up to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled the law as constitutional. This bill has hit all three branches of government (passed by the legislature, signed by the president, proved constitutional by the Supreme Court) and yet there are many who are upset so they will continue to make every attempt to defund it or delay it. I can assure you that it will not be going anywhere.


    a. I’m confused. What is Obamacare? Obamacare is a nickname for the Affordable Care Act. Originally it was a pejorative but those who agree with health care reform have come to embrace it as well. I promise that you are not the only person confused by the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare.  Sometimes I like to be a smart ass and refer to it by its full name: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


    4. What is a shutdown? A shutdown means that all federal agencies are closed and all non-essential employees have been furloughed - roughly 800,000 people. Of those who are essential - about 1.3 million - there paycheck will be delayed or they could not see one at all. All federal agencies are shut down because there is no means to fund them.


    5. What’s open, what’s closed and will my stoplights work? Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, embassies and consulates, air traffic controllers, Homeland Security, veterans’ hospitals, parts of NASA (there are American astronauts at the International Space Station and we can’t just up and leave them there), the federal reserve and USPS are still open and semi-functional. Members of Congress are still paid (AND ON TIME) while they hash out a deal and of course the White House is open but non-essential employees have been sent home.  


    All national parks and monuments so, Yosemite and Pearl Harbor and the Lincoln Memorial to name a few are all closed. And the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program is no longer operating.


    Your city, local and state government will continue to function. But, hey! If you’re in the middle of an audit from the IRS? You have a few days to breathe easy.

    6. How long will this last? That is an excellent question and I have no idea. This evening (Wednesday, 10/2) the president and all congressional leaders (the players I mentioned up above) are meeting at the White House to negotiate. My fingers are crossed that this will end well but while I might do this for a living I do not know anything more than you right now. We’re all just watching C-SPAN and waiting for the next thing to arise. But I’ve been putting updates on Twitter (twitter.com/heatherbarmore) if you’re interested.


    7. What happens next? The House and Senate will pass a clean continuing resolution to at least reopen the federal government and put people back to work which the president will sign. Then all three will debate the budget for the next year and raising the debt ceiling. The latter must be done by October 15th or else we will default on our loans. Basically expect many more weeks and months (at least up until mid-late December) to be all about the budget.


    8. Any questions? Was this helpful? Do you want to know more? Here’s a primer from the Washington Post and Slate has a shutdown live blog and here’s the simplest explanation of how to end this thing via The Atlantic. And here is a list of national parks that you can’t get into. 



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