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    Change In Action at Babble Voices


    How The Women of The Senate do Compromise

     While I'm not able to enjoy the Huffington Post's Third Metric conference (being held at the home of Arianna Huffington of course) in person, I have spent most of the day watching. There is much I want to say and will say about women of power running conferences to teach other women how to make the most of their personal lives and their careers. I'll save that for later though. For now here's a clip of Senator Claire McCaskill explaining how the women of the Senate get things done. It's just nice to see that the women don't find "compromise" to be a dirty word.


    ICYMI: Bachmann is bowing out

    Sad news to tell you about today: Michele Bachmann has decided against running for reelection in 2014.

    As you can probably imagine, I am really devastated to see her go. I'm going to miss the woman who thinks that our founding fathers fought tirelessly to end slavery. Perhaps later I'll shed a tear. Though if you ask the ladies over at Smart Girl Politics, they seem to think that perhaps she's leaving so that she can focus on a U.S. Senate bid. Never mind that she - Bachmann - is currently under investigation. I think that they - SGP - are adorable. Adorable and delusional.

    Anyway, she's out. It's been real. Bye, girl. BYE.

    *image via Gawker

    Can We Talk About The IRS?

    I have been riveted by this IRS ‘scandal’. Like, to the point where I’ve watched three hearings featuring the same cast of characters who pretty much knew nothing about anything ever. Today I watched a five hour House Government Oversight Committee hearing chaired by Darrell Issa who has made it his mission to prove that this administration is up to something and one day he will be the one to uncover the truth about Obama’s secret Muslim past.


    I jest about this because in my little policy obsessed world this has been must see TV. Every time that poor Steven Miller guy is sworn in he looks as if this is the last place he wants to be. Here you can see for yourself. He's the one on the right.


    Right? He looks like he’s ready to throw his head back and yell out FML. But he doesn’t. He just repeats that he didn’t know and he’s sorry and half of the stuff that occurred didn’t even happen on his watch.


    Then on top of the people at the IRS and Treasury who neither know nothing nor speak to one another you have White House spokesman Jay Carney announcing that senior White House officials knew that the IRS had been targeting conservative organizations filing for 501(c)(4) status but they kept it from the president. And back on Capitol Hill the woman in charge of the office that determines tax exempt status is all, “I’m not saying anything” to which Darrell Issa replied, “Bye, Girl. BYE.”


    So, I’ve been watching and following all of this for like a week and I can say that what the IRS did (lying) and what they’re currently not doing (talking) and the subsequent disdain towards the agency has done more for bipartisanship in Washington than anything else. Well done, Internal Revenue Service! But really, NO ONE likes the IRS. My aunt once worked there and I was all, “Look, I love you but you’re evil” and she was OK with that. The thing is that the IRS isn’t doing anything to help its cause or its reputation. Now people just dislike them even more!


    Also - and I’m rather manic while writing this because it’s all so baffling - if anyone of us as American taxpayers were to respond to an IRS inquiry with a “Let me get back to you” or “I don’t recall” or a half-hearted “Ehhhh...maybe. I’ll need to consult with these 19 other people” we’d be up to our asses in fines, fees and a complimentary audit. And yet the IRS thinks that because it’s the IRS that they need not provide answers or know anything.


    Next April when they come for my taxes I’m going to respond to every line in my 1040 with a WE’LL SEE. LET ME THINK ABOUT IT.  And when they audit me, I’m just going to shrug. That’ll show ‘em.

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